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Physiotherapy at Medivital Clinic, Fuengirola

Manual therapy and individual physical treatments
Manual therapy is a form of physiotherapy. It can be a mobilising treatment of muscle, spine or joints, motion therapy or for example fascia treatment.

Electric stimulation therapy at Medivital Clinic in Fuengirola
Electric stimulation therapy
Electric stimulation therapy can, for example, relieve swelling, inflammation, pain and relax muscles or, if necessary, activate the muscles by means of electric stimulation. We have reliable Finnish Diter electrotherapy and ultrasound equipment.
Example of treatments:

  • • Acute injuries
  • • Local infections, supraspinatus tendinitis, Achilles tendon inflammation, Muscle strain
  • • Soft tissue injuries and diseases
  • • Various nerve, joint, and muscular pain facilities

Oxygen Treatments at Physiotherapy Clinic Medivital
Oxygen Treatments
With our "Singlet Oxygen Energy" that provides oxygen that is activated by light and delivered through a nasal cannula. Such oxygen is more energetic, completely harmless and has no side effects when dosed properly. Our oxygen therapy is using ozonated oxygen. Oxygen therapy improves oxygen uptake, boosts metabolism, circulation and other vital functions, it also improves the absorption of nutrients - in addition, oxygen helps also the elimination of your body's viruses and bacterias.

Electro lympha treatment as par of physiotherapy treatments at Medivital Clinic in Fuengirola
Electro lympha treatment
The Ditelle Bene device is designed to maintain and treat bio-energy balance. Electro lympha treatment accelerates the removal of residues and increases and balances the body naturally - while the bio-energy disturbances are also corrected. The treatment has, however, several positive effects on improving the blood and lymphatic circulation as well as accelerating the release of the residues. It also prevents cardiovascular problems, diabetes, and liver, kidney and urinary problems. The treatment lasts about 30-40 minutes.