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Is Osteopathy suitable for me?

Osteopathy is a suitable, effective and safe manual therapy for the research, treatment and prevention of musculo-skeletal disorders that is suitable for all ages.

What is Osteopathy?
Osteopath's workmanship is based on a strong knowledge of anatomy, bio-mechanics, physiology and differential diagnosis. Added to that, we have excellent knowledge of the palpation skills. Osteopathy manages many different therapeutic techniques. The treatment may include instructions and exercises.

Ospeopathy at Medivital clinic

The goal of the treatment is to support the body's own healing mechanisms. The treatment includes oothing therapeutic techniques such as mobilisation, manipulation, soft tissue techniques (stretching, massage, fascias, etc.). These are aimed at increasing or restoring muscle mobility, relax the muscles, improve tissue metabolism, increase lymphatic or lymphatic circulation and reduce tensions of the nervous system.

Physiotherapy Kinesio Taping