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What is Manual Lymph Therapy?

Manual Lymph Therapy is a lightweight lymphatic "pumping method" that revives the immune system:

  Collects fluid and substances from the cell surface, for example, cell metabolism residues, bacteria, viruses, soot and dust, and nutrients from the gastrointestinal tract.

  It carries fluid and substances therein more efficiently to cells for consumption or removes liquids in the urine out of the body.

  It enhances immune defense, revitalizes and balances, calms the nervous system. And when the fluid circulation and circulation in the body recover, the muscles are so cleansed, they get nourished and relaxed.

The therapist's light skin contact and monotone pumping rhythm sends a pleasure signal to the client's brain, which relieves his discomfort. Also, the removal of swelling fluid from the tissue reduces or completely eliminates pain.

When Will Manual Lymph Therapy Help?
Lymph Therapy helps with swelling, pain, insomnia, stress and is a good support for weight loss.
The immune system in our body can be disturbed or blocked by, for example, lack of exercise, flu, accident, surgery, shock, cold or excessive heat, tight clothing, or unilateral excessive strain. Manual Lymph Therapy, like many other therapies, should be started intensively a couple of times a week, then once a week and slowly reducing the cycle of care (2-4 times a year) depending on the person.
Light touch in Lymph Therapy and, on the other hand, the powerful effect of treatment reach many, positively.