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Foot Clinic and Sidas support insoles
A foot clinic visit may be due, for example, to knee or hip pain, plantar fasciitis, back pain, lower limbs or placement errors, malaise, kidney problems or even ailments. Improper position or function of the foot and ankle can cause pain in the knee, hip, lumbar support even to the neck.

Sidas support insoles

  Better cushioning
  The load on the foot is leveled off
  The ankle, leg and overall body function will improve
  No more pain

Foot problems affect the whole body

The lower limbs problems are wide-ranging, affecting the entire body, so it is important to explore the customer comprehensively. In the analysis of the lower limbs consist in the study of the client's body positioning, posture, mobility, muscle twitching, weight distribution, lower limbs and pacing.
Based on the lower limb analysis, the client's situation is mapped and a contingent plan for physiotherapy is made, while the underlying need is assessed.
The Sidas support insoles helps the leg's pains, corrects the foot's position, directs and activates the whole body.
PODIATECH by SIDAS is a French, high quality method.